Never stop dreaming
Project info

Arouna is a nineteen years old guy from Senegal. He was seventeen when he arrived in Sicily. After a very long trip through Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger he arrived in Lybia where he started a terrible journey towards Lampedusa. He doesn’t want to remember those moments, he looks down and started to cry. He have seen too many people dying in the desert and then in Lybia where he also risked his life hit by soldiers. Then on the boat he thought he could never make it. On the boat no one can move, no one can help you. But Arouna couldn’t stay indifferent when he saw women and children risking their life. So he started helping everybody around but this came with a cost. Once the boat arrived in Sicily people thought he was a smuggler and then he got arrested. He ended up for almost two years in prison until they found out that he was underage and that he also paid all his money to escape from death. Today Arouna is jobless. He sleeps at the Erwin centre with other twelve people. Arouna still has a dream: to find a job and make a family.