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Bosnia and Herzegovina is the archetype of the big Yugoslav cauldron. Impossible to chase away from our memory the massacres of 1992-95, the ethnic cleansing, the devastation of whole villages and the deportation
Nevertheless, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not any more in conflict since a long time. The country is not any more this no-man's-land riddled with antipersonnel land mines.
It is the country which relives, with scars certainly, but which regains control of what made for centuries its originality: its multiculturalism and tolerance.
During a road trip through Bosnia, I started to photograph the teenagers i met and asked them some questions in order to get a glimpse of their personalities, and view on the future. Step by step, answer after answer I realized how much more complex it is actually. With a high rate of youth unemployment (around 50 % in 2013), hopelessness is a real plague. A lot would like to leave the country if they could, not because they don’t like it, but because there is still not so much perspectives to hold on.
So young and resigned or trapped into a generation still carrying the scars of the past.