Pictures from the Real World. Colour Photographs, 1986-87
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David Moore’s Pictures from the Real World was the fore runner of much that followed in British photographic history, it’s first showing was in 1988 in a special edition of Creative Camera selected by Martin Parr.
The series itself is a collection of colour documentary photographs of different families on a council estate in Moore’s home city of Derby, UK, made between 1987 and 1988. Revisiting the work has allowed the photographer to identify and develop other ways of seeing, evident in the contact sheets from 1987-88, but not brought to any outcome at the time.

Underpinning the work are the connecting themes; The Document itself as a representational tool and the relational dynamics between photographer and subject including issues of proximity
and access.

One might argue that the subsistence level living encountered, connects the content of the work to current times.

'Pictures from the Real World', retains a visceral energy 25 years after the event and documents a particular time in British social and photographic history.