Project info

It is strange that when I become a stranger in my home. Everything seems familiar but not the same. It seems like everyone that I know moved out and replaced with new faces. It feels like me as a visitor looking at the place behind the isolated glass wall.

I was born in Hong Kong when it was in a colonial time and left the city when I was 14. It is not the longest city I've lived in but it is definitely the one I have the most emotional attachment. It is the root that planted deep inside me and shaped me into who I am. it contains a lot of my memories especially the ones in childhood. After the city hangover to China, things change bit by bit every day from politics, culture, economy and moral values. It is like waves washing out the old memories and slowly replace new ones. Old buildings will be demolished for the new ones and memories will sooner be forgotten. No one can stop it whether you like it or not.

I am still trying to look at the city with memory. Without it, I don't think me nor the city would recognize each other. To photograph is a way to give me a sense of home or an existence before I completely get wash out by the waves.