Tabula rasa
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Memories, little pieces of our lives that sometimes erupt out of nowhere, we can’t make them better and we can’t forget them. They become an integral part of us, make us smile or sometimes they make us tear up. We like to experience positive memories over and over again, but what about those memories which we hid deep down in the secret chamber of our consciousness? The negative memories are also there waiting and sometimes they unexpectedly erupt although we would much rather forget them, undo them and hide them. Often times it’s difficult to tell where the boundaries are. Is there a line at all between remembering and forgetting, or is it completely blurred? We can certainly say that in both cases emotion plays an important role.
In my series I visited and captured places, that mean a lot to me and often I feel like they talk to me. Friends- enemies, winnings- defeats, pain- fear, they are consequences of happy and bittersweet experiences. With the white sheet I want to symbolize masking, hiding and concealing. Every memory is intimate and personal to each and every one. On my photos I point out the memories, but I don’t want to talk about them.