The Voice of Clothing
Project info

The project "The Voice of Clothing", developed and created by Tiago Coelho and Régis Duarte, proposes the confrontation of the reality with the fiction, through photographic essays of workers in two different moments. The first one, assembled in a "documental language", seeks to show the selected professionals in their own work environment (as they are really seen in their labor ) and the second moment, registers the workers being a new self, new characters built up from their dreams and conversations. The portrayed's imaginary is added to an elaborated universe through scenarios, costumes, and the concept of a new imaginated reality. For the models, the chance of a dream facing a new character. For the developers of the project, the conquered creative freedom. If the clothing is something that sometimes sets social boundries for some, in this project the clothing integrates them all. The project is an invitation to reflection about fashion in a state of art with its codes and endless interpretations.