Project info

In this series, I am photographing my eldest daughter who is turning 13. She lives a good life, lacking in nothing, and I see her growing daily, mentally and physically, from her gestures, words, and attitudes.

Looking back, I also went through a similar phase in my life. However I remember myself being rather awkward, and do not have much good memories from that time. At school I clashed with my classmates, and constantly stood up against my teachers. At home I rebelled against the words of my parents, although thinking back, it probably came from my anxieties about the future. Although I was troubled about my life choices or friends, I thought that I would get through on my own, without consulting anyone.

Many years have passed since then. I became an adult not knowing when, and although I did shed the shell in which I’d shut myself inside, I married and conceived my daughter, all the while keeping the small and weak chrysalis from the past within my heart. I gave birth to a new life without ever having the conviction of having turned into a butterfly.

Facing my daughter now who is growing up to be an adult, I cannot but think about what a beautiful season 13 is. I am constantly in simply awe-struck by the beauty of her change. Did I also once possess such unsoiled, beautiful body? Is that small gesture of rebellion when she pouts towards the camera, same as what I once directed towards my mother?

Photographing this series had an additional effect for me where I was able to take a second look at myself while projecting myself on my daughter. By repeatedly incorporating a memorable motif of butterflies into my works, I was given the chance to look in comparison at myself, small and weak, with my daughter, radiant and flying as lightly as a butterfly. In the end, I was able to realize that I too, once had a time when I shed my horribly feeble self and became a woman, as my daughter is doing now.