Project info

pan·gea: (n) land area believed to have once connected nearly all of the earth's landmasses together

Pangea is about the great tradition that reverberates throughout all of human history - the story of journey. We explore the lives of immigrant women from 4 continents and different socioeconomic backgrounds living in Houston - the moving stories of why they came, how they made their way here and how they adapted to their new homeland - through interviews and photographs. We believe that we need more than just statistics to carry our stories, we need bodies, images, and human expression to capture the things pure information cannot.

The current migrant crisis is said to be one of the largest since World War 2. With Pangea, we intend to add to the ongoing dialogue through personal narrative, journey, change, loss, globalization, economics, and the real and imagined concepts of the present Pangea.

The project was a collaboration with theater artists Melissa Flower and Lisa Villegas. The interviews are broadcast as a podcast, with soundscapes by Melissa and Garrick. The final installation included these photographs, sound projections and a continuous performance piece created by Melissa and Lisa, and performed by over 30 women.