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The technologies permit to save time.

In the distant future, all human activities may turn into a digit. In his body there will be cameras and sensors which will make his life easier. He will be able to easily write and send messages just after thinking about it. He will be able to transmit live broadcasting to the Internet directly from his eyes and of course to take photos. Already today in any "lighter" there is a camera. But something analog will remain in any case. Books, music on vinyl, film photo cameras. This is the things from which everything began and they will not disappear anywhere.

When I was not still engaged in street photography, but just thought about it, I had a fear that when I would photograph the persons on the street, they would not understand me correctly or would shout at me for interfering in their personal space. But I have managed to win them by phone.

In 2015 I was in the city of Porto, Portugal, and I decided to walk along a crowded street with a telephone in my hand, taking the photos quietly and relaxedly. I did not know what would happen and whether I could do so. But when I saw the pictures, I could not believe that I had just made them. Just a moment ago. And no one has seen me. No one shouted at me.

After 7 months of "espionage", I was tired of it. I realized that I did not get feedback. And this feeling has pushed me to take a normal camera and just walk along a crowded street. And I liked so much that I could talk to people. Learn their history. Exchange smiles. Of course, if a person asks to delete a photo, it is better to do so. But the feeling that you make photos openly and honestly is a very good feeling.

I hope that in the future, the photography will not cease to be a kind of art, because of rapidly developing technologies.

—Pavel Khrustalev