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No matter where you are coming from, where you are going to, or what you are looking at, I believe it is a comfort to see someone else looking with you at the same thing, appreciating the sense of beauty the same way you do. If you have your friends or family with you, then you can share your feelings about the scene, talk and laugh about it, or even discuss it from different angles! And if you are alone, even a stranger beside you makes it more real,.... although time may pass without exchanging any words.

On June 2007, when I was visiting the big citadel in Bosancan I saw a lady sitting on a bench looking at the view in front of her. The view was magnificent so I grabbed my camera and looked at it through my lens. I noticed the view was not quite as beautiful without the lady herself in it! So I took the shot with the lady taking in the view with me.

That made the first shot of a big series of photos I started since then. By sneaking behind people without their knowledge, sometimes asking their permission and even their name, I started gathering photos little by little for my project LookingWith.com .