Creative Spaces of NYC Musicians
Project info

I have always been captivated by inspiration and where it is derived from in each artist. The process by which one arrives at creating is fascinating to me and the researcher/photographer in me wants to dive deeper and explore this topic.

I am focusing on NYC musicians specifically because there is also an element of performance to their creation: the private vs the public selves. In a city like New York that is overrun with people, sounds, and attacks on all the senses, it's hard to find that intimate space where you can be vulnerable and open and in pursuit of your creativity. So, as for many of us, our home becomes our sanctuary: our space to create.

For all the challenges that living in NY presents, it can also be incredibly rewarding. This project has been that reward for me. Thanks to the generosity of the musicians, I have been able to enter their homes and catch a glimpse of the intimate corners that make their world. They have shared their stories and music with me, and in exchange I have tried to capture and celebrate them through this series.