Selected Portraits from 2016
Project info

My work is closely related to my relationship with intimacy and beauty, as well as what I would consider the 'timeless quality' of a black and white image.

To me, a portrait is more than just an image of one's face. I take many photographs of those I love. Many of them are taken from behind, and I think that in many ways this is an example of trust from the perspective of the subject. It also gives them such an anonymity that allows them to relax fully and to exist in the moment. As I am a photographer who exists for those moments of spontaneity, these tend to lend each other very well.

I consider my photographs as an image of every day life and in many ways as visual poems. As I enjoy making the unassuming appear beautiful, my motivation is to create images from nothing but my immediate environment and from those around me. It is this simplistic approach to my photographs that I believe allows them, together with the subject themselves, time to breathe.