People on the streets of Antwerp.
Project info

Photography and Zen: an inseparable part of my life.
The three ‘Tenets’ (Buddhist teachings) are my reference point for photography too.

1 Not Knowing. (letting go of fixed ideas about yourself and the world)
2 Bearing witness. (Recognise what is)
3 Actions that arise from Not-Knowing and Bearing Witness.

My body of work is highly influenced by Zen, Robert Capa, Ed van der Elsken and Bruce Gilden.

Robert Capa said “If your photographs are not good enough, you’re not close enough.” And Ed van der Elsken said “The camera is a way for me to connect with people.” Bruce Gilden gave me direction in off camera flash.

For me photography starts where the comfort zone ends. I want too encapsulate the traits that make us humane, the beauty, eccentricity, generosity and passions that make us special, but not without a hint of our darker side, the loneliness, the anger, greediness and occasional bitterness that make us real. These imperfections define who we are. Perfect, just the way we are.

The scenes that most of us seek out when people watching. The scenes that make us look twice. The ones that might cause us to look away embarrassed, if caught gazing.

Life’s touching moments come from the ability and openness to connect with Not-Knowing and Bearing Witness: to reveal the mythic amidst the chaos. This is the area where I meander around, moment by moment, to capture strangers or … are these just reflections of my true self?