Living Wild
Project info

Living Wild documents a group of 21st century hunter-gatherers as they rediscover the traditional living skills of the Paleolithic. The movement is spearheaded by a woman named Lynx Vilden and unified by the ambition to leave modernity and return to primitive living.

The focus of Living Wild is an extended wilderness trial living with solely Stone Age technology. To prepare, the group spends a year tanning hides, drying foodstuffs, and learning other skills (archery, friction fire) that will carry them safely through the project.

Lynx says, “It looks very romantic. But it’s also very real and very harsh and very unforgiving. The Earth doesn’t give a shit if you die out here. Or, you’ll do a lot of damage out here. It has to be done conscientiously. We can’t all do this, because there’s too many of us."