Rondo Expressivo
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Blessed era of roundness, of Rodin’s sculptures, Renoir's nudes is gone
Today is another day when assertive roundness is a challenge of scale.

The photo is a window, a space time where everything may be possible. One can play with one's body, confront the other's gaze, affirm one's femininity, brave irony or
expressing its suffering.

Through various sculptures, urban furniture, vegetation, they have exteriorized their feelings, melting in the decoration by identifying with an object or internalizing a sculpted work. Thus they have created their own language to reflect their difference.
For beauty, beyond the phenomenon of fashion, is a way of being.

Nathalie Tirot

Through the association Allegro Fortissimo, I was able to meet and give voice to these women who are victims of discrimination,
They entrusted me with their desire to face others but also their own eyes.
Breaking with loneliness but also for some of them asserting themselves as woman:

"Making pictures of me to meet me somehow, to see me, as I would see someone I do not know, that I would discover without prejudice and that I might find pretty.
I think that roundness as well as slimness provokes different reactions, other emotions than thinness. Life, nature, beings, all wealth is in diversity »