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Where do you see photos of ordinary people nowadays? Ordinary, young and pretty, yes, but how about ordinary, unassuming, well-behaving adults? In your phone? The media? Photo exhibitions and competitions?

Well, here are some.

My portrait series presents six ordinary and nice adults. They are kind-hearted, warm, frank and enthusiastic. They are the people who are absent in photo exhibitions, but who we need so much. More than ever in these troubled, aggressive times. We need them because they are not only interested in themselves but other people too. They are people that lead an ordinary, good life.

These six people are Finnish primary school teachers. They are highly educated, motivated and dedicated to their job. They love their work and they take care of our children. They find the good in everyone, and they do their best that every child can find their own strength. By doing this they give our society the stable base it needs.