About my family
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For much of their lives, my grandparents lived in Canosa di Puglia, a small town in the south of Italy close to Bari. My aunts and their families still live there. My father and my mother moved to Bari for work and only recently renovated their old house in the town. I spent in Canosa my childhood holidays with my cousins, playing happily on the terrace of my grandmother’s house facing the bell tower of the Cathedral or in the town square, forbidden from going out early in the afternoon or crossing the limits of the Villa. My father would often take us all in the countryside, to the Ficara. My aunts were my age now. They were always very neat as well as their homes; they put on fluffy fur and sat on the balcony chatting. They kept their 60s girls’ dresses we used to wear in our disguises.
Our families and their places are part of us.
In this work I tell my family, my relatives and their lives that are even a little mine. And tell a town with lots of history, lots of light and plenty of space but without a cinema.