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Нигде человеку конца не найдешь и масштабной карты души его составить нельзя. В каждом человеке есть обольщение собственной жизнью и поэтому каждый день для него - сотворение мира. Этим люди и держаться.
«Сокровенный человек» А. Платонов

Human soul could not be contained for it is endless; human spirit - boundless. Through observing little acts of conception in people's everyday lives humanity manages to thrive; each in our own way, every morning human beings witness creation of the world. This is how we survive.
«The Innermost Man» by A.Platonov

If you travel to Russian cities you will find many places which give you an impression that the time there has either slowed down or completely stopped. The Far East is especially rich with such places. I've travelled there and back again for several years; through small towns with such self-described names as Soviet Bay and Komsomolsk-on-Amur. In my travels I thought as if I wasn't just travelling through space, but that I was travelling through time as well.

Through the debris of the Soviet industrial society I take a look at person. Сharacter of him is distinctly evident in the natural environment and urban space. It is base by perception of itself as part of this nature.

I ask myself, whether much has changed the lives of these people over the past 25 years. Change whether it 25 years later?

I want to believe that human existence transcends ideology and politics, as opposed to the fact that the living conditions determined by the policy.