Personal Entrophy
Project info

These are the first images I built with key elements that I now consider a "formula" They are the result of a personal catharsis.

The elements are:

1.- Structurally they are constructed based on an aureus scheme developed from the Fibonacci spiral and assembled in the sacred rectangle.
2.- Discursively they are constructed under a psychological, philosophical scheme.
3.- They are a representation of my fears and my reflections at the moment in which I made them.

What I'm talking about?
Basically I'm talking about an awakening. From the moment we become aware.

Entropia Personal is the beginning of a series of projects that I am working on.
It concludes with a project to which I have already dedicated three years of planning and which may take another two years to complete.
This year 2019 I am developing the second stage of these images based on face psychology and body psychology.