To Be Real
Project info

I approach photography in the same way I approach life – with an insatiable curiosity towards the complexity of the human condition. I enjoy exploring the dynamic interplay between seemingly incongruent concepts – strength and vulnerability, intimacy and isolation, illusion and reality. I am also drawn to the feelings associated with longing, dreams, impermanence, death and rebirth.

Because of my interest in authenticity, connection and intimacy in relationship to self and others, I am drawn to portraiture. In my portrait work, I explore many of these concepts in an intimate and vulnerable way as a participant-observer. My intent has been to investigate both our complexity and the seeming contradiction of strength and vulnerability within each of us.

I believe that portraiture is not simply about the subject or the photographer, but the alchemy between the two. To Be Real, an exhibit of film and digital photography, exposes what lies behind our masks when we feel safe enough to reveal ourselves. This collection illuminates what I see as the fragility and exquisite beauty of being human, in other words, our shared humanity.