So Much Beauty, From The Compost - Part 1
Project info

To create these images, I collected items from my kitchen compost bin and arranged them in simple compositions. These remnants of our everyday activities are the unique subject in my photographs. Through the artistic process, they are transformed from mundane waste into extraordinary images. This transformation mirrors the one that occurs naturally through the composting process: wasted food scraps become a valuable soil amendment.

This series of images was produced using lumen printing. I chose this technique primarily because it produces unique pieces that I choose not to reproduce. This allows me to clearly proclaim the importance and showcase the intrinsic value of my subjects. In addition, lumen printing offers a visual metaphor to composting, where the process involves numerous chemical and physical reactions. Here the images are both the result of shadows cast by the vegetables and fruits on the paper, and chemical reactions between the organic matter and the chemicals contained in the emulsion of the photographic support.

Like many, I am concerned by the deterioration of our environment. Specific environmental issues are difficult to solve in isolation as all things are connected. My photographs, by emphasizing the beauty of mundane food waste, offer a counterpoint to the complexity of the problems we have to face. In addition, as composting food waste reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from landfills, the photographs highlight one personal action that is a small piece of an overall climate solution.