Times Square Subway Zen
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The drama and ballet explodes in the sharp contrasts of the city lights to the mysterious shadows cast by the abandoned barns and tomb stones deep in the woods. Fantasies emerge ranging from a romantic moonlit beach to the nitrous oxide fueled rage of David Lynch into the night. An extended pallet with an imparted flexibility of suiting the mood.

Marko prefers the solitude of the night. Mainly photographing alone, he keeps a low profile wanting to blend in and not be seen. There are quick rides on the NYC Subway to get into the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. There are long walks late night into the woods to get to the long forgotten structures in ruin. This is his element. Don’t bother looking for him. You will never see him as he carries out his ritual of capturing the night. Whether it’s capturing the dreamy romantic images, or at the other extreme, exploring the surrealistic dreams that haunt us. There is so much to explore. There is so much wonder.

Primarily a nocturnal photographer, the camera is always at his side and on the ready. As one subway rider once looked at him and in a slightly annoyed tone said, “That thing is on and alive you know”. Each trip onto the city to capture the night starts by arriving in Penn Station. On arriving the camera immediately comes on. There are days when the old pre World War tunnels are dead; there are days when they are alive! Never limit yourself and always be ready. Life passes by quick.