Project info

These series called "Madness" is an analog project, which has been shot with film and printed in the darkroom, using 19th century techniques. More specifically, I came up with the idea in 2014 and I decided to create some self-portraits in front of broken mirrors, using a Nikon FM2 and a 50mm lens. With these self-portraits I want to express that "madness" is about being different and also being proud of it, because every single person is unique. Madness is translated as every kind of characteristic, that is a part of ourselves and everyone has more or less of it, but it must accept it and use it in a good way. Also, I use broken mirrors to express the inner thoughts, which seeminlgy are the same as the outside, but in reality are "broken".

* This project, from the shooting, the set up and also the processing; developing and printing the film, are all made by me, using film and darkroom techniques and have nothing to do with Photoshop or any other editing program.