The Last Poles
Project info

I've been always interested in history and as an immigrant coming to Bradford I’ve learned a great deal about this city and the region's past. Now I would like to discover in more detail history of my own nationality here in Bradford. I know it is a history of Journey, survival, displacement and finding a second home. I’m very lucky to live in different times I’m a first generation pole after Poland succession into EU, the subject I’ll be photographing is the first generation that settled here after WWII.

I want to find out what their journey was, how they got here. How they were received. How where their early days in the UK. I want to find out more about their families, are they still polish?

I’ve chosen to come here and I believe that they didn’t have that choice so there is a great connection between their life journey and their current identity. I would like to see how that affects their everyday life and where they see themselves.

This is a ‘history lessons’ which talks a lot about us humans, migration, tragedy and war. It’s even more worth exploring in the times of refuge crisis, Brexit and Trump.