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The Carnival of Binche is a living and exceptional heritage, a popular, human and social event. It has been recognized as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO in 2003.

This folkloric event, coming from a long oral tradition, is a real rite that gives the participants the feeling to be unique. For the inhabitants, and according to the famous quote, “there is no place like Binche in the world”.

During a few months, the inhabitants and the City prepared their Carnival, in a real communion, and it is obviously the most important moment in the life of the City of Binche. The next Carnival will happen on the 26th, 27th ans 28th Februari 2017 with as highlight the journey of more than 1000 Gilles on Shrove Tuesday. This preparation process requires a lot of coordination for a lot of people : the association for the defense of Folklore, the association for the defense of the Shrove Monday, the committees of the Carnival societies, the Nonprofit Organization Carnival of Binche, de City of Binche, the Police, the assistance services,…
Through this website you will find all the historical, folkloric, and practical information linked to the Carnival of Binche. You will also discover the photo galleries and the videos of the Carnival festivities and its preparations.