Somba. The Last Tribe
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Portrait of a Tamberma warrior. In Togo, inside of this beautiful and unknown country, there is an enchanted valley where time stopped centuries ago. In Atakora Mountains. The home of Tamberma tribe. Traditional houses, fetishes, ancestral spirits, bows and arrows... pure nature.
Inside mud houses -their fortress- were found the victims. In need to protection, this people have been fighting against neighbouring tribes who received guns and supplies from Europeans. All this for one cause, slavery. They´ve had a single option: fight for the freedom and peace…
Nowadays they live searching the balance. A perfect balance. Perfect for themselves and for the environment. Without too much contact that contaminates the soul… without distractions. Permanent serenity. Enjoying the family, the sun, the moon and the stars. Living with Mother Nature, protecting the environment, preserving their identity… seeking a permanent peace.