MELK (2016-)
Project info

Mobile photo app, footballs, photographs, TV program (medium depends on project progression)

Video games, Mobile app, Photographs Documents

When I first arrived in the Netherlands, I was surprised to see grazing cows on the pastures, as all the cows from my home country Taiwan stays in stables. I am therefore quite curious about this massive, seemingly beautiful industry. "MELK" is about the possible interactions between the Dutch intensive dairy industry and a curious consumer.

The project focused on the information on a milk carton, which I consider the selfie of the industry. I am intrigued by its Weidemelk (grazing cow) certificate claiming the cows graze at least 120 days in the outside. By positioning myself as a curious consumer, I begin asking the industry about how they scientifically verify Weidemelk’s claim. Their reactions triggered me to dig deeper, and found the verification statistically flawed.

Two video games were made to serve as interactive portals for the audience to experience my process playfully, as well as learning how difficult it is for the inspectors to validate the certificate.

An app idea utilizing mobile photography is proposed, by which the consumers may be activate to strengthen the audition. Blind trust exists when people confront product informations, and I believe everyone can be a curious consumer.