The Brave
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Despite the fact that it is 2016 now, and there is a big amount of information on HIV issue, stigmatization of HIV-positive people is continuing in Russia. It leads to the emergence of the AIDS dissent movement, the representatives of which deny the existence of the virus, as well as to self-stigmatization and isolation of the diseased. Society still believe that HIV is being the disease of the active drug users, sex workers and homosexuals. Something has changed since the 90s, but the information has not reached everybody. HIV-positive women are afraid to disclose their status, they are afraid of social stigma. However, there are exceptions. The story contains the portraits of 7 brave women (and their monologues) who decided to live with an open status despite the aforesaid problems in the Russian society and discrimination. All the women who have been portrayed reside in Saint-Petersburg - Russian town where more than 1% of the population are infected with HIV (around 160 thousand of people).