Scenes behind the Scenes.
Project info

This is a series pictures accomplished in parallel during the elaboration of the underwater series with dancers.
For five years I have captured moments pertaining to the process of creating the projects.
Usually, they are “candid” photos that show moments not staged of the process of creation and collaboration between photographer and dancers.
They visually bring us closer to the implicit and explicit dynamism of the creation of these underwater projects.
The nature of any creative photographic process, which is personal and at the same time collaborative, draw my attention and inspires me to reflect.
Several behind-the-scenes projects by other creators are very interesting to me, and I think it’s an opportunity to review the similarities and differences of the process, but at the same time discover a vision of the project from another personal perspective.
In this photo essay, I approach the subject of “behind the scenes” with the intention, not so much to explain the elaboration of projects but to show the process of creation from a personal perspective.
This work rise based in a desire to transmit the experience from the physical and psychological point of view from the authorship, wanting to emphasise concrete moments of realisation and special feelings transmitted by a collection of images that transmit dynamism in a “balanced imbalance”, random, by serendipity , and intentional or abstract photos that document a subjective process.
The subjects that are part of it are both the dancers who collaborate and, myself, the photographer, with self-portraits, and fractions of my body in the same frame as the dancer, thus evidencing a captured and frozen moments of the collaborative relationship in the process.
The effort and work of the dancers in the water, that becomes the medium and shared element that transforms the experience, in the same way, that it curves, blends and modifies light and forms as well as create pictorial chromatic aberrations in the images. Visual implicit dynamics evince explicitly a constant movement and dynamism in underwater projects.

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