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Gioiosa Jonica, a small village in the province of Reggio Calabria in Italy, is the place where every 14th of the month, the Virgin Mary appears to Elio since 1998 and leaves messages to all the faithful through him. Elio, a former employee of the Italian Post Office and avowed atheist, converted and he devoted most of his life to prayer and to the propagation of these messages. In this place have occurred "miracles" of all kinds: Stigmata, tears of blood from a statue of the Virgin Mary, demonic attacks, the appearance of a Dove and her subsequent disappearance, healing magic, appearances of signs and symbols in the sky of all kinds and much more. After about 18 years since the first "sign" and at the express request of the Virgin Mary through her messages, works began to build a place of worship dedicated to her: "La Madonna della Conversione".