Wherever I go
Project info

‘Wherever I go’ is a collaborative project with refugees I met in
the midst of the big influx in the fall of 2015. A few I met in
the self-organized refugee camp in Brussels, a few at the train
stations or squats in The Netherlands or Belgium. Some were
just about to apply for asylum, some were already in asylum
procedures, some out of procedures. All had a story to share and
befriended me very quickly.

I was curious about how could I become a bridge to share the
stories that were told to me. I decided to create an installation
that would consist of a charcoal board, one question, and a small
table with the stories of refugees. The question was: Imagine that
you would have to leave your home immediately and for good.
You have one minuet to take something that you are able to
carry. What would that be and why?

In three days the the charcoal board and the wall around it were
both filled with answers reflecting the values of the people that
passed by.