Field of Dreams
Project info

‘Field of Dreams’ is a collaborative project between We Are Here
Football Club, Katarína Gališinová and Menno de Bruijn.
We Are Here Football Club (WAH FC) was founded by Yusuf
Suali and Alee Vyabandi in 2013. The FC brings together
refugees whose asylum requests were denied and who cannot
return back to their home countries. The footballers are at the
same time active members of the We Are Here movement that
exists since 2012.

I and Menno support the WAH FC by creative means and skills
we posses. We are inspired by the proposition that the existence
of WAH FC brought to our society. A proposition that invites
all of us to look and to perceive refugee members of WAH
FC for who they are - talented and strong footballers, rather
than for who they are not - when labelled ‘criminals’ or illegal
immigrants’. By collaborating we want to show what is possible
when football and art come together to tell one story - that of
human dignity and respect.

The first part of this project - a poster campaign was supported
by The Nutshuis, spread in the streets of The Hague and
exhibited from 13th December 2016 till 28th January 2017
at The Nutshuis. During the opening, footballers were signing
their posters and talked to the visitors.