Alice's Nihilism
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ALICE'S Nihilism

The trash is a great resource in the wrong place which lacks the imagination of someone to be recycled for the benefit of all. (Mark Victor Hansen)

Alice's Nihilism stands at the border between consumption and rejection.
The project represents waste bins randomly found in Paris through the filter of the plastic bags, shortly before they are picked up and taken to the city dumps.
The bag has the ambivalent function of connection and barrier between the two worlds, each one reflection of the other, then covering the function of Alice's mirror.
The world "beyond" the mirror, concise and accurate representation of what was real, used, "living", is full of stories that fade between the folded pages of a newspaper, the shapes of bottles and bags, the remains of food or metro tickets.
In its beauty denied, deprived of its meaning and purpose when it was thrown, the trash queries the viewer with both an environmental and an artistic question.
It's the city itself to be reflected in its worn out remnants, and we can hardly tell if it discovers itself better or worse than it really is.