Project info

It was one of the highlights of my childhood, when I went to the city centre with my mother one day. It was autumn, and by the time we arrived at Divatcsarnok (Fashion Hall) in Andrássy Avenue in Budapest, it had become dark. The neon lights of the shops lit up, the objects and the people were transformed by the light. The inner world of the shop windows became unique, lively and interesting, and being a suburban boy, I was amazed.
Street photography is my favourite branch of photography. Streets can be described as bustling, they are under continuous change, where you also need a bit of luck to take good photos. To be at the right place at the right time so that you can catch the best moment.
I am an architect, and on my way home I often walk in the dark, so I see how the interior lights of the shops open up to the street. Their large glass surfaces, their portals want to arouse the interest of passers-by, and try to entice them. At such times, I frequently recall childhood memories, and I think I must take a photo of them, but not just for myself. It inspired me to create this series of photos. While walking in the streets, I was watching the events taking place behind the glass just like in the old days, I only clicked my camera sometimes.
The images were taken in the streets of Budapest in the evenings of autumn and winter months, when the lights of the shops complement street lights, and the images are born within the portal frames.
I visited almost every major place from the city centre to the districts on the outskirts. I noticed how the abundance of the portals and the clientele in the city centre was changing as I approached the poorer districts in the suburbs. I found myself in a world full of emotions created by the participants and the objects surrounding them. Each picture tells a different story or raises a question.