Songs of Freedom
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Freedom is a very powerful word . Do we really understand it ? Do black , white , brown or yellow define it and why ? All these people in these pictures each have their own questions and stories of freedom even though they come from same planet and different places .

What is freedom?
A bottomless pit ?
Who decides our freedom ?
Is it freedom of our expression ?
Freedom of speech?
Outrage of hate against my neighbors ?
or Freedom of a free mind ?

Can we emancipate from mental slavery ?
Society's create nuclear energy and terror networks
For the sake of freedom
Is that the freedom we want ?
Eons of time have not given freedom
How will it happen now ?
Is it not our mind
That can free us ?
But religion claims its theirs
With rules to follow

In the name of freedom
they track our everyday lives by the second
with “things” they say are advanced
and needed for our betterment

When will we be free?
Where is the maker of freedom ?