SHARED - exploring siblinghood through portraiture
Project info

Photographs shown here explore the siblinghood through portraiture. They show the physical closeness between siblings and simultaneously underline the uncomfortable of being so close to someone. Looking at the siblings we are not only serching for the likeness, but also studying their differences and observing the power relationships in the portrait. Togetherness in the photographs is built around simple gestures like holding, grabbing or quietly leaning to another. Particularly different ways of touching the other has become a crucial part of the work.

You cannot choose your sisters nor your brothers. Despite the cohesion, there are conflicting feelings such as competition, envy and comparison too. We use our siblings as our mirrors, through them we study our both worshipped and unwanted features. As a photographer I am extremely fascinated by the act of posing and simultaneously by our complex way of seeing and accepting our own image. It is captivating to follow how some of the siblings are united while being portrayed, whereas some are suffering great problems being so close to each other. Siblinghood as a theme is intriguing; being something so ordinary yet incredible complex filled with various emotions.