Young Men Worst Fears
Project info

Following work mentoring young men and women through a charity called Wembley to Soweto ( a global photographic initiative that helps historically disadvantaged young people learn life skills by learning through a lens), I decided to look more deeply into the subject surrounding youth and related problems in London.
Every day that I went to Arsenal and the various football stadiums that hosted us, following discussions with the young men (in particular) I came to understand that the themes of absent fathers, gang related violence, peer pressure, knife crime, lack of solvency, kept repeating themselves - as did newspaper articles about teen deaths.
I thought about how easy it would be ask the questions 'what do you want to achieve', 'what are your dreams' but to ask the quesiton 'what is your worst fear' seemed somehow more shocking. Not only would they answer but they wanted to talk. It was as if something had been unlocked.