The Glass Ceiling
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“The glass ceiling” indicates a social phenomenon derived from the American management system in the 1980s. It refers to an “invisible barrier” that blocks women and the minority from advancement and significant achievement in their professions. Ann Morrison, the author of Breaking The Glass Ceiling, describes this issue as “so subtle that it is transparent, yet so strong that it prevents women from moving up the corporate hierarchy.” As of 2017, it appears the traditional concept of “The glass ceiling” is fading. More and more women and minorities are taking powerful and authoritative positions. Currently, three women were selected as Supreme Court Justices, and there are twenty-seven women are CEOs from Fortune 500 companies. Although there has been some advancement, “The glass ceiling” still very much exists and affects women today.
My wife, who serves as a dentist in the United Sates Army, explained to me that her assistants in the clinic are not eager to develop and advance their professional skills and knowledge. The majority consider their salaries to be adequate in conjunction with their husbands’ salaries. This leads to a lack of personal drive for achievement. Women are building their own invisible barriers and limiting themselves. As an artist, I am interested in investigating the idea of The Glass Ceiling due to passivity. In The Glass Ceiling series, I am exploring women who are now being given greater opportunities but are choosing not to explore them because of their self-set barriers.