I Just Want To Be Beautiful
Project info

We live in the world where perfect body, beautiful face and ideal features are very important if you want to be successful. We are constantly being fed through media how we should look, feel and behave. I noticed Youtube is filled with thousands and thousands of make up tutorials, made by young girls. They put thick layers of makeup on their faces, making ''flawless'' look, even filling pores and creating ''baby face effect" when they have baby faces without any make up....
My face is a a face of a woman who is close to her 40s . I don't have full lips, classic nose or super sexy cat eyes. I am overweight, I have pale skin and I am definitely not a model type. Also, my face starts a natural ageing process.
I decided to try a little ''what if"experiment. I 'borrowed' lips and eyes from the most beautiful woman in the world and merged these features onto my face. I wanted to see how perfect I could look if I would have perfect lips, beautiful eyes. It was interesting to see how my face becomes unrecognisable and unfamiliar.