Lilith`s spells
Project info

Lilith`s Spells is a wet plate collodion photography series inspired by the legend of Lilith: The first woman on earth.

A Sumerian / Babylonian and Hebrew goddess, Adam`s twin sister and first wife.

Like Adam, Lolith was created from dust and therefore equal is her eyes; but their creator, the lord of light wanted her to be Adam`s submissive companion.
Lilith always believed she was in full control of her own sexuality and mind. In protest she fled the garden of eden full of anger and decided to cast a spell on men.

Some traditions sees her as the snake that later tempted Eve with the cursed apple.

The myth represents her as a temptress creature standing for her equality that became her obsession and she does resurface in the Dead Sea scrolls found in the Qumran cave.

Her obsession and birth ritual, both had a deep connection with my photographic practice: Wet plate collodion. Like Lilith`s spells, each plate. was born from highly toxic chemicals, each portraits leaves a trace of their own myth, pain, obsession and desires. With Wet plate collodion, each plates are then varnished with gun sandarac and lavender oil ....Lavender, one of the wild flower also found in the garden of Eden.