At Night
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"At Night" involves identifying that people have within themselves some things in which ego-consciousness cannot accept, things that goes against social rules or ideals such as the tendency, request, memory and experiences that have been rejected by an individual.

The main perspective is that such negative elements become contents that are not included in one's ego, creates the dark image which makes people feel unpleasant and to criticize, and point out that "it is what makes the original form of shadow in the subconsciousness which has been repressed by the consciousness".

Through this work, I have identified the elements that are ignored and neglected from consciousness existing as a shadow that does not receive the light of consciousness behind self-consciousness, and I was able to accept that this shadow is not something that the consciousness should reject, but is 'another me within me' which should be together with the consciousness. This was a work that looked into the structure of the sub-consciousness which is under the influence of consciousness and that allowed it to go within the structure of consciousness.

From an excerpt from At Night by Yoon A mi

The title, At Night refers to the night and the event that took place at night, but what it means here by night is the resemblance of inner side of humans, what has not be revealed or could not be revealed and what yet not completely belonging within the system of perception.
It is a story that suggests that the more you become aware of others' perception, the more 'adjusted' you become to the social structure and become able to discover the other side of self-consciousness which takes the form of 'maladjustment'.
The red dots on the body of the character that appears in At Night is an expression of how one had to receive so much arrow of attention with the whole body, the measle marks on the body as a result of being both the target and the arrow by itself.
As this is about trauma or a mental damage which is not visible, it was arranged to make the scar seem visible.
This also works in the same way for psychological distance (red signal) to the target. At Night that has been carried out from 2010 to 2012 is made up of At Night 1 and At Night 2.
While At Night 1 is a story that identifies and captures hidden side (deficiency) of oneself, At Night 2 focuses on the ability to express the co-existing self-consciousness to face each other in the frame. As [Story of Loss] is influenced by poetry, novels and children's story and takes them as the motive of the work, At Night also took Lewis Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland", a representative piece of work in contemporary 'imaginative fantasy literature', as its motive. The journey in Alice in Wonderland is a dream dreamt by a girl overnight. Alice becomes able to relieve the stuffiness coming from reality and look into the desire within herself through the dream of taking the journey in the wonderland.
This novel in which big key words such as reality and reams, consciousness and sub-consciousness indwell, I have tried to take the 'sub-consciousness which has been made conscious' as the motive and this together with my imagination made the character 'Focus', a child who enters the wonderland from the world of reality as result of yearning Alice.
This character escapes from my sub-consciousness and enters my world of reality, prints the mark of the cold and insular eyes of the world of reality, and becomes the focus of 'my deficiency' and 'the face of my loss' which hides and dwells in areas of few pedestrians at dark nights.
Among various events that take place in life, what records the story of the remaining feelings and how I regret to loss, and my actions to cure this is my photo.
Photo enabled me to think that I have to face those scars in order to independently overcome them, and of how it undergoes the treatment process. All these actions tell the story that they are what enables the experience of treatment process and that sensing the pain is the start of filling in my loss and is the driver of fulfillment.