Borrowed Story
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Borrowed Story starts on current point to recall consciousness due to mechanism of some memory forgotten in the past. The attention was placed on the 'memory' reenacted in ambiguity and reserving positive and negative judgment in correlation with conscious and unconscious. I have come to realization that memory's ventilation, upon reality reenactment, has an effect in extension of consciousness through continuous interest for memory passing through reminding and forgetting. The ambiguous and unclear form of memory was shown in reality with addition with my fantasy and desire. As mixture of reality and non-realistic memory ventilation repeats, I started to concentrate on distinction between reality and non-reality. However as I made distinction and make it clear between these two area, they were already mixture of transition zone, and at times an empty space, so it was a potential area with various features. This was experience in 'between' of 'half consciousness' which was not conscious or nonconscious.
From an excerpt from Borrowed Story Work Note
At times, I dream a dream which is very similar to reality. I guess in dreams, one should do some strange or interesting acts, but I do the real thing such as go to work, go for shooting or eating a meal. Because of these dreams so realistic, in these period, I'm often confused distinguishing from reality to dream. Currently through this experience, I remembered suffering from noctambulation in my childhood. From 5 to 15 years old, when I suffered the most severe symptoms, I have done what I thought I did in my dream in reality. As these symptoms occur more often, what I do first thing I open my eyes is to look around and check. That is the strangest moment, because when repeating this process of checking between dream and reality, at times reality feels unreal. This unrealistic also comes from sense of loneliness from unfamiliarity. Acts and thoughts, without a doubt, which has been logical and reasonable in a dream, once waken up, it felt illogical and wrongful in reality, which puzzled me. I have waken up, but when I haven't fully returned to reality, in that short period of time, I have created feelings at strange place and time, and experienced reality and non-reality/ reality and dream/ 'between' conscious and non-consciousness. Also, at this time, the ceiling in front of me was an empty area where I can project the different world.
My work ?Borrowed Story?place a focus on reality and dream, and bewilderment and ambiguous time. It explains process of how unconscious reveals visualized in reality, and it explores 'semi conscious' world existing at the arousal level in between consciousness and unconsciousness right after waken up. Facing the ceiling after long night sleep is far more distant with feeling of laying on the floor that I have laid for the first time. Even though it is the most realistic reality, it is concentrated in the most surreal moment, and the 'empty area' referred to transition zone which contains empty area where both interaction is stopped, a 'empty potential place'. And within the area, photographic interpretation and reenactment can be done.
My continuous interest may have been refused by my conscious, and it lies on foundation of important content which has been dropped from unneeded unconscious. Ventilating and re-interpreting the memory itself is required act in our life. This may seem like mine, but at the same time, strange and new, so we need to talk to our familiar strangeness of 'the new me inside me' and 'other existing inside me'. Therefore, it may be my story while it may not be my own story, in other word, it may be real or unreal, or realistic or unrealistic story of myself.