Triptych: Identity 2013 - 2014
Project info

It’s the people, places, and experiences in our lives that truly shape our identity. Everything we have experienced up to this time in our lives makes us who we are today. My most recent body of work focuses on identity and places of memory. It focuses on how these areas have contributed to my identity. I tell of my experiences in these places yet leave them absent of the physical memory. I do this as a way of inviting the viewer to interpret them as they wish. I feel this will help the viewer relate to similar times in their own lives.

Triptych: Identity explores feelings of anxiety, tranquility, confidence and acceptance, different emotions I get from these locations. I present my art in triptych and multiple forms as a way of visualizing my personality. My art doesn’t show every part of the photograph just as I don’t show all there is to know about myself.

Time moves on and things change, people separate or move away. Yet in these places of memory, past times live on and the memory of what once was will always remain. It will never fade, as long as someone remembers.