The confession of a shark
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The Confession of a Shark is a tale. A tale of suspended characters and frozen scenes, fixed points of view and stopped sceneries. The atmosphere is at the same time relaxed and intent, there is the hint of an action, concealed and withheld. An action stopped in the fraction of second which could sign its end or its start, suspended in the doubt of a resolution or of a departure.

This tale never repeats itself, it can never be the same. The one who has the power to change the story is the observer, the reader. An invisible storyteller leads the observer through the images, but only the observer can read them and he can create his own tale, he can feel his skin soaked, his breath ragged, he can listen to the echoes of the waves or to the long silence. Every time the reader changes the rhythm, the pauses, takes a breath or suspends it, he rushes, struggles, he is delighted and hides, he makes his characters protagonists or just bit players, fills the blanks and turns details in clues.

He could even think that he owns the story, that he created his very personal story, but when he is about to give it a finale, he discovers that the narrator is not a simple storyteller but a clever predator in whose jaws we inevitably end up.