Alphabet of Shared Words
Project info

In March 2014 the tension between Russia and Ukraine started to grow high, inspired by the informational war on the situation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Common people started to loose the desire to understand each other. Being Russian photographer, Romanova asked different people who took part in the revolution in Kiev at the Square of Independence, to remember words which are absolutely the same both in Russian and Ukrainian languages and illustrate these words for the photographs - to make a sort of collective ABC, based on the idea that understanding starts from the language, and language starts from the alphabet.
Every chosen word was illustrated with a portrait of the person who chose it. There are 33 letters in both alphabets, but there are 4 that exist only in Russian and not in Ukrainian, and 4 that exist only in Ukrainian not in Russian. Hence for this project only the letters that match were used : 29 in total.