The Revenge of Femininity
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In today's society, defined as "the civilization of image", we are constantly exposed to images that impose on us a model that unconsciously we tend to achieve.
Today it is mainly the fashion system that establishes, through the models, female beauty stereotypes.
It is a very strong cultural input that is added to the many others from which we are daily bombarded and that go all in the same direction: what matters in life is to be perfect, beautiful, successful, placing the woman in perpetual war and perpetually lost with his own body.
Could we define this as a social disease? Yes of course. Man is a social being, he needs to be accepted, loved and respected. "Vanity is the basis of everything," wrote Gustave Flaubert.
Already the ancient Greeks knew that the theater was cathartic, but also a "dance" a bit provoking could be is a more recent discovery.
Burlesque is therefore experienced as a therapy. It helps to regain a healthy relationship with body and femininity and releases women from aesthetic standards, from a coded femininity.
The secret of success of Burlesque is that it gives the power to play with their physicality with humor, even with a normal or non-perfect body. It 'a new form of feminism.
Our culture is a toxic culture of beauty. Burlesque seems to say: this is my body and I like me as I am. The way of healing starts from here.