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‘island’ is not an real island. It’s just a metaphor. I am an island. You are an island. We all are islands. I would like to say “the relationship and communication” between you and I. ‘island’ is my reflection and introspection on relationship and communication

The relationships and communications between people as well as its surroundings have always been one of my great interests. With this body of work, I wanted to share my very personal reflections on relationships and communications.

Photos are often taken emphasizing on certain objects or themes of importance. In these photographs both the photographer and the object reside in the same absolute space of a snap. Articulation of mutual relationships between their faint yet powerful bonding and never-ending communications are something to look for. This is a self portrait without self, a storybook without words and a list of endless questions with no definite answers.


By David Alan Harvey / Magnum

When art mirrors life, the reflection seen is both an inner vision of the artist and taps into the psyche of the viewer as well. Humankind is made up of many "individuals", but a true artist is able to trigger something inside of all of us who may view the work even though the work is coming from a unique "personal vision"...

Such an artist is Kyunghee Lee. With her eye and spirit, Kyunghee Lee uses the camera to show us what she sees. While we, the viewers, may not expect what she shows us and are enlightened by what she shows us, we surely understand the moment. Art viewers want surprises and to see something from everyday life seen in a new context. Kyunghee gives us this special pleasure. The world never quite looks the same again after looking at her photographs.

When I see her photographs , I sense a romanticism and a lyricism coming from deep inside. Her inner being and personality are put right it front of us, but not in an overly overt way, but with grace and subtlety and style. When I see her work, I recognize the elements, the place, the mood, and yet her "decisive moments" come at me in way that I know I have never seen before. This is art a t it's best. Recognition with enlightenment. Familiarity with surprise. Distance with emotion. Kyunghee Lee puts all of this together as well as anyone I have ever seen.

Kyunghee Lee is free and freedom is hard to find. She does it by dancing with the light. By playing with the ordinary she achieves the extraordinary. Her unpretentious photographs hold us. Keep us. Make us think for a while, and yet let us travel as we may through her juxtapositions of both mood and color. Kyunghee Lee is flying.

Kyunghee Lee is blowing with a warm wind. And the wind will carry her far and to places even she cannot imagine. We will all be waiting to see what she sees.