He is so obsessed with me, Part I (Photobook)
Project info

He is so obsessed with me, Part I is a personal portrayal of the everyday life of a single woman approaching her forties. The photobook consists of 350 pages and 350 pictures.

The book is a combination of fact and fiction. The photos are documentary and “true” captures of various situations, whereas the photographic narrative is held together by the imaginary He. He represents the look of someone else, of an imagined person, through whose eyes the main character is viewed – or photographed.

The script is neither chronological nor does it have a clear storyline. The book is based on the mass of images and repetition. The structure is fragmentary.

The main character and her daily actions form the frame for the book. Food, home, flowers, dressing up and parties are the recurrent motifs of the photos. The book begins very intimately, showing an extremely private act.

The photobook is an alternative home album in a family oriented society, one depiction of a fairly large marginal.

The book was supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

He is so obsessed with me
2013, selfpublished
352 pages
20 x 26,5 cm
1730 g

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