He is so obsessed with me, Part II (Online Story)
Project info

He is so obsessed with me, Part II is a continuation to a personal photographic story about a single woman around her forties. The ongoing project spans over six years.

The online story can be viewed at www.heissoobsessedwithme.com

The online work consists of more than 3000 images and text. The viewer has to interact with the narrative, arriving constantly at crossroads where he/she has to choose which way to go. There are an innumerable amount of alternative storylines.

The online story deals with the course of life. It rambles around the questions of causality, chance and choice. It questions the notion of one truth, the possibility to tell about one’s life in one single and truthful way.

He is so obsessed with me plays with the real and the imagined. The photos are documentary, whereas the title character He is imaginary.

The photos are experimental and expressive. Through the rough working process the images lose their connection to reality and become representations of dreams, fantasies and feelings.

The online story expresses the subjectivity and unreliability of seeing, experiencing, remembering and narrating.

The online work was supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.