Crystal Structure
Project info

In 1974 three Russian scientists, Makarov, Mrozov and Gonchrov, hypthesised that the structure of globe resembles that of a crystal. It is formed by a symmetrical, world-wide network known as „ley lines”. At their intersections extremely strong positive energy accumulates. The power of these places is the effect of the natural Earth’s system composed of channels distributing the energy of the planet and Sun. Some believe these are the place of power.

This was our starting point. There was a goal, a journey, an attempt to explore a mystery. Over time our starting point became just a mere excuse, a negative to expose and build our relations. We found our place of power, our own private universe, built upon foundations of closeness and calm, where time flows slowly and no one rushes emotions. I found a shelter from the madness of everyday life… for my four year old Tosia it became a teleporter to the world of magic, where the Stones have tickling powers, fairies fly in the woods, and the foam from the waves crushing against the rocks marks the place where mermaids die…